Uncutting Crew – Sonic Boom S02E02: “Spacemageddonocalypse”

The team is here for Sonic Boom episode 2 with Donnie, Cat and Kevin… INNNNNN SPAAAAAAAACCCCEEEE!

Pre-show (0:00) – “Sex, Lies & TV Movies”
The gang recall SEGA’s somewhat adult Viz adverts of the early 1990’s and go through episode writer Joelle Sellner’s credits with some dramatic promos for her TV movies. Meanwhile Cat learns that “summoning” things onto the video can work both ways and Kevin just can’t say the name of the episode right – but judging by the opening that might just be the least of his worries…

Interlude (0:42:19) – “The One Who Knocks Has Tofu”
Donnie is confused that people are thinking of him as the leader of the Uncutting Crew, Kevin jokes about his status as ‘the third man’.

Commentary (0:46:12) – “Spacemageddonocalypse
Back on the sofa the trio go as an asteroid (or is it a meteor?) appears on a collision course with the planet. Dr. Eggman schemes to make a profit and Sonic isn’t too pleased when the others vote that Knuckles be the one to save the day.

Post-show (1:00:30) – “Masters Of The Chimpverse”
The gang analyse the episode, as Kevin pines for some Sonic Adventure 2 and of course we find out who Donnie’s Highlight was. Before everyone lets their imagination run away with them as a new project for Bill Freiberger leads to possibilities his work is all one massive multiverse.


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