Tracker TD Reviews: The SEGA Master System Converter

As of late, our friends over at the fellow SEGA fansite SEGABits have been celebrating their 3rd anniversary-quite a milestone achievement! To celebrate this achievement, they’re currently holding a contest; review a piece of SEGA hardware, or draw some nice fanart of it, and win some fantastic prizes-grand prize being a SEGA Genesis II!

As such, I recently decided it was a good opportunity to review a piece of SEGA hardware I’ve been meaning to cover for a while now, as the start of a new series I’ve been planning since a recent Let’s Play from my personal Youtube channel. And hey, as I said, this gave me the perfect opportunity.

So, without further ado, here’s the first in this new series! the SEGA Master System Converter, an add-on for the Mega Drive that allows Master System games to be used with the system!

…and for the record, my NiGHTS retrospective is still in production. It’s just taking a while to shape. I will have it up at some point this month, hopefully.

Tracker TD

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