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A sequel to Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, SA2 was released on the GameCube a year later after SEGA were forced to make the decision to go third party.

SA2 introduced us to new characters and organisations, for instance G.U.N made their debuts here, we found out there was a President of the world who just so happened to be the US president. Pffft and of course there was a bat of dubious morals. But the game is known most for the debut of a certain angsty hedgehog called Shadow…

In 2001 SA2 was released for the Dreamcast and then again in 2002 as Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Now finally in 2009 I get to play it for the first time. Pretty weird isn’t it? I mean one of THE main Sonic games and “this guy” hasn’t even played it!

An issue I want to address before I get down to it is that loads of people seemed concerned that I would judge badly on it for being an old game, now let me just make it clear that I almost never try to juge a game based on it’s graphical presentation, but rather the gaming experience I’ve had with it.

Okay well let’s start, the game is split into three stories, hero and dark with the final story being unlocked after you complete both. Hero consists of Sonic, Knuckles and Tails while Dark consists of newcomers (at the time) Shadow and Rouge teaming up with Dr. Eggman.

Each of the main stories are separated into three different gameplay types: Speed, using Sonic or Shadow, “Shooter” using Tails or Eggman in their walkers and Treasure Hunting with Rouge or Knuckles, these generally mean hunting for Master Emerald shards or keys.

Really though the hunting levels feel like filler, something thrown in to extend the time of the game seeing as all you do is fly about a stage praying for the detector at the bottom of the screen to bleep so you can get this done quickly. There are monitors that can either be helpful or not varying on the clues it gives you.

Needless to say the Speed stages aren’t without fault either, most of the time the homing attack won’t register, the camera might flick around away from where you’re heading at some point but all in all I adore these stages, the sense of speed is there while you run, jump and grind your way to the goal. Sometimes they can give off a nauseating feeling in a good way. This is true for Final Rush/Chase, where you run and climb higher/lower along debris as you look down and see well the Earth for one. A handy feature in all this is when Shadow or Sonic grab onto a ledge to stop themselves from falling off.

Finally, the shooter levels are standard shoot, jump and hover to get through to the end of the level, you can lock-on to a various amount of enemies within a time frame before that combo is null and void. The more you lock onto the higher the combo, though it’s a risky move. I have no quarrels with this at all.

In the last story everyone of the character (excluding Shadow) come together in order to reach the cannons core, as soon as that’s over we get a boss fight with the Biolizard using Shadow. This is where the difficulty spikes upwards, even though I knew what to do, I died countless times.

Sometimes the homing attack didn’t work; sometimes I would be hit while jumping. I can say I’ve lost so many lives on this one boss alone I think this is probably the hardest boss I’ve faced in any console Sonic game.

Unfortunately this leads me to call Ram the Dragon, as we chatted about it and while I made poor taste jokes about Shadow till I actually had beaten the thing (not that I have anything against Shadow you understand.)

Finally, once I did you face the Biolizard again (Final Hazard) as Super Sonic and Super Shadow, and now the difficulty drops like a bowling ball out of the window. I expected a bit of resistance from the final boss, but it’s not that bad.

The game manages to have a good lifespan with the extra missions for emblems, and these emblems add more stuff to the Black Market in Chao World. After you’ve done all the missions you can gain access via the level select screen, the animals and machine parts you collect during missions can be taken there if you grab the key. Once you hit the end goal you’re automatically transported there and are free to give them or leave them for another time.

Other features of the Chao World include karate and racing. As well as taking them to a lesson. Other features are the Boss mode and Kart Racing, also the battle mode but due to there only being one person and one controller I haven’t had any chances to see this.

Moving onto sound, I’m so glad for the subtitles in this because the background music tends to go over the voices and to my knowledge there isn’t a way to turn that down. You get the typical rock tracks along with some other rap/instrumental tracks, though those don’t really catch my attention much.

Overall an entertaining game with only a few letdowns, the boss battles tend to be short until the last one (or should that be two?) But there’s enough here to keep you playing for ages.
Wow – its like a game with an evil Sonic, bu he’s not evil and he’s not Sonic but he is and he’s not? I’m confused! I’m conflicted! I HATE THIS SO MUCH – WHY do they make us play as stupid Rouge and Knuckles, why can’t we just play as Sonic or make it like Sonic Adventure where we only played as Sonic for 1/6th of the game? HOW DARE SONIC TEAM MAKE THIS GAME! They should all be killed by a pack of attack dogs. Screw you SEGA, why did you kill Shadow you bastards! I hate him as he’s an emo-encrusted hedgehog faker, but you killed him you sons of bitches! I DEMAND you bring this loveable character back so we can HATE him as much as he deserves to be! DAMN YOU ALL!

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