Sonic Boom Commentaries Uncut: Ep 52 Pre-Show – “Old, Donnie’s Sense & Purr”

It’s Christmas! (Well it would be if Cat kept up the charade…) and the gang are prepared for the final episode. They’ve even been paid a visit by Santa Claus, cunningly disguised as Sonic Boom showrunner BILL FREIBERGER who is here to answer your questions.

But first it’s time to go through the Boom news, the feedback and more. People want to give Donnie gifts, Bill is a one man Thanksgiving celebration, Mike Pollock is singing Christmas songs for you AND THE TRUTH OF REID HARRISON IS REVEALED! (MAYBE!)

Mike Pollock sings “Sonic The Hedgehog”:
Boom Toys via Sonic Stadium:

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Theme for The Uncutting Crew: “Videogame Rebel” by Blowinbox used under licence. Additional video footage created by GreatOutdoorsMedia and used under licence.

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