Sonic Wrecks Reviews Sonic Classic Collection

Well somehow I’ve managed to invade the Sonic Wrecks front page, which means my plans for complete conquest of the Sonic fandom is almost reaching the end of phase 1. However while I am waiting I might as well give you guys a small treat. Since poor old Blake doesn’t have a DS, AAUK asked me if I could cover his duty and review Sonic Classic Collection. Unfortunately he also forgets that I am a heartless git and shall give it no quarter so if you want to see my slaughtering of these game, feel free to read the review.


Right back to actually working on the websites I am supposedly staff of, like Emerald Coast.


Author: Urtheart

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  1. Avatar

    The actual score in the review is off, as it says the ASR summary instead of one relating to the Classic Collection game.

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    • ArchangelUK

      For some reason it decided to revert back to an earlier draft – I’m confused as to why exactly! Hopefully this is now fixed.

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  2. T.A Black

    Small error – the “Actual Score” comment is for ASR, not for this game. Unless it’s secretly a racing game with 4-player modes…

    Anyway, a very nice review there. Always nice to see them, whether they’re a SW or EC one. Keep up the great work with them!

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  3. Avatar

    Great review! I bought a copy of the game a while back when the price was dropped to $20USD about five months ago here in the states.

    A note: the summary for the review is that of All Stars Racing… unless I’ve missed some form of joke… which would not surprise me.

    Lol’d at the Crazed Fan Boy. Good work there.

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  4. Avatar

    Umm… the games are emulated. They music isn’t emulated and is instead played separately (memory issues), but they’re definitely emulations. And the game was released in the UK as a budget title. If you paid £30… well you got ripped off. It was selling for £17 – £24 when new. The Sonic Jam music isn’t remixed either. It’s straight out of World.

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  5. Avatar

    Before Sonic Classic Collection was released, if I wanted to play Sonic 1 or 2 , I had to beg my dad to let me go on his PSP. Now I can play them on the DS!

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