Radio Redux – Season 1 (2006)

Radio Redux

2006 and Sonic Wrecks begin the very first Sonic The Hedgehog related podcast in the world, Radio Redux. This first series featured many items now long defunct, various characters and skits introduced in early episodes never featured again. However popular early gimmicks such as soap-opera with a diffenence Chaotix X and the various spoof advertisements did linger on.

With ArchangelUK
Run Time: 2:34:42 Broadcast: 07/01/2006 LISTEN
The inaugural Radio Redux broadcast, including the debut of Chaotix X and which – despite the DJ being a nervous mess – provides you with a host of sweet, sweet music and sweet, sweet candy. Bam.

With ArchangelUK & Echo Hawk
Run Time: 2:08:51 Broadcast: 01/03/2006 LISTEN
The first non-streamed-full-length episode of Radio Redux. With AAUK’s health mostly better it’s time to get rowdy with some cool Sonic music from past and present. Also includes a ‘special’ guest interview, Chaotix X episode 2, and more cool game music.

With ArchangelUK
Run Time: 2:08:51 Broadcast: 31/03/2006 LISTEN
March hasn’t been the bestest of months for ArchangelUK, but despite a messed up neck AAUK serves up an array of gaming music from multiple platforms – and indeed multiple decades! He only wishes someone would give him a concrete answer as to whether he is employed or not…

With ArchangelUK
Run Time: 2:28:42 Broadcast: 27/04/2006 LISTEN
AAUK follows up the events of April Fools Day, Easter and all the rest of the news from behind the mountains of chocolate he has to consume. Also includes Chaotix X episode 3, the JPop Selector and news of a special Retro Respected show.

With ArchangelUK & DigiCowboy
Run Time: 3:12:34 Broadcast: 24/05/2006 LISTEN
In a special if difficult to produce episode AAUK tames Skype and brings in the real Alzari – Ben Campion alias DC for some chat and humour. They discuss E3, Wii, Silver the Hedgehog, playing poker with Jimi Hendrix and Halo 2 endings for Ocarina Of Time.

With ArchangelUK
Run Time: 1:55:29 Broadcast: 26/06/2006 LISTEN
It’s 15 years since Sonic The Hedgehog burst onto the scene and as part of the ‘Summer Of Sonic’ – a special collaboration between SEGA Europe and Sonic fans across the internet, ArchangelUK hosts a special trip across 15 years of Sonic music. Starting in 1991 and working his way across time, with all the Sonic games he can up to 2006.

With ArchangelUK
Run Time: 1:53:29 Broadcast: 04/07/2006 LISTEN
Join the second part of Radio Redux’s Summer Of Sonic special: ArchangelUK defends Shadow a little, shouts at Sonic Heroes a lot, sorts out a long standing lyrics argument and gives a run down of all the Sonic games from 2000 onwards. But what is Caffine-Free Sonic? And just why should we not mess with Cream?

With ArchangelUK
Run Time: 3:08:13 Broadcast: 12/07/2006 LISTEN
The second annual awards hosted by Sonic Wrecks, the SWA aka the ‘Handies’ 2006 show dishes out 16 awards to various Sonic sites and organisations but who has won the SWA Silver Hand? AAUK hosts as usual and plays a vast array of game music in between the awards including a special Zelda heavy metal event.

With ArchangelUK
Run Time: 2:28:08 Broadcast: 19/08/2006 LISTEN
ArchangelUK presents a news heavy broadcast, including exploding laptops, purple hedgehogs, extreme sea monkeys and more. While Q&AAUK throws up a double Magnificent 7 and deliberation over lingerie, nipples and which character out of Blaze, Big & Amy deserves shooting the most.

With ArchangelUK & Echo Hawk
Run Time: 2:54:06 Broadcast: 04/10/2006 LISTEN
With Chaotix X Episode 4 at it’s climax, what’s the best way to come up with an original idea? Rip off another one shamelessly. So ArchangelUK fronts the first part of a special version of Room 101 with (at least until the connection is lost) his first guest SW fan artist extraordinare Echo Hawk in the hot seat. Queue discussions about Mephiles, ShadRouge, Asian Drivers and whether or not AAUK has come close to dying. The answer might surprise you.

With ArchangelUK
Run Time: 4:40:45 Broadcast: 31/10/2006 LISTEN
This is Halloween, everybody make a scene! A Radio Redux supershow is just around the casket corner. AAUK is in Ravenholm presenting a special LIVE podcast from the eastern European town with special local co-host Zombie Dave.

With ArchangelUK & Dreadknux
Run Time: 1:41:02 Broadcast: 03/11/2006 LISTEN

In a special crossover show, ArchangelUK chats with proprietor of The Sonic Stadium and presenter of The Sonic Hour – Svend ‘Dreadknux’ Joscelyne about their trip to see Richard Jacques in Nottingham, getting lost, this years Sonic Site Awards hosted by TSS, a Christmas kareoke contest and hats, lots of hats.

With ArchangelUK & Echo Hawk
Run Time: 2:59:47 Broadcast: 05/12/2006 LISTEN

The Next Gen war has begun again, but SW HQ is under attack from Metal Sonic’s forces! Despite this, AAUK along with returning guest Echo Hawk talk third party Smash Bros, the SSA and are Espio and Echo sitting in a tree? Plus lots of music and a ton of news from the games industry.

With ArchangelUK
Run Time: 3:12:03 Broadcast: 24/12/2006 LISTEN

It’s Christmas time: but AAUK is riddled with cold and his computer’s died as well just to make life easier. Despite this he sucks it up and offers a final show of the series full of news and entertainment – including the dreaded Wrecks Factor karaoke entries.