EC Airwaves – Season 3 (2011)

EC Airwaves - Season 3
Join Emerald Coast’s wrench-wielding Emperor, the charismatic Vger along with minion, ship-mate and scurbey black-hearted pirate lord Urtheart. Along with occasional visits from scurvy (or is that curvy?) wench Nemain they make up Team Emerald Coast and they present a show discussing everything from A to Z. They also discuss numbers too…

With Vger, Urtheart and AAUK
Run Time: 1:23:59 Broadcast: 09/01/2011 LISTEN
EC Airwaves is back! I bet you didn’t see that coming, yes after the train wreck that was the second season, Vger returns to torture your ears, but this time there’s something different, he’s brought along a friend AAUK oh and Urtheart because he happens to be sitting next to Vger. So maybe it won’t be so bad? [This is also classified as a Guest Control show]

With Vger & Urtheart
Run Time: 1:04:54 Broadcast: 16/01/2011 LISTEN

A rundown of the week’s news and a celebration of the fact Urtheart has a new job!