Dragon’s Den – Season 1 (2010)

Radio Redux

The Radio Redux “B-Show”, Dragon’s Den features Sonic Wrecks’ other staff members – Blake Draco & fiesty Uruguayan Ram The Dragon, they along with a selection of guests bringing you both SEGASonic and E-On based fun.

With Blake Draco & Ram The Dragon
Run Time: 0:34:06 Broadcast: 17/12/2009 LISTEN
Having taken possibly the longest break from recording another show after the first one was broadcasted on Radio Redux, Blake and Ram run through everything that has happened since then in a special Christmas update show.

With Blake Draco & Ram The Dragon
Run Time: 1:13:28 Broadcast: 10/01/2010 LISTEN
2010 has arrived, and to start it off the first proper Dragons Den episode. New Year resolutions and a guess the theme song "competition" fills this episode like a left over turkey sandwich.

With Blake Draco & Ram The Dragon
Run Time: 1:28:29 Broadcast: 08/02/2010 LISTEN
Dragon’s Den is Up and Running, in the Lovey dovey month of February Blake and Ram discuss Valentines Day, Sonic 4, Music and more all between several internet deaths, corrupted files and basically the Murphy’s Law of Podcasts. Oh and Sofia insults the audience… a lot… YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

With Blake Draco, Ram The Dragon & Darkgun
Run Time: 1:44:29 Broadcast: 05/03/2010 LISTEN
March’s show begins with INNOVATION as Darkgun joins the broadcast team for a overview of strategy games with Command & Conquer 4 just around the corner. Plus the usual craziness from the Den.

With Blake Draco, Ram The Dragon, Spin, Urtheart & Vger
Run Time: 1:44:41 Broadcast: 24/04/2010 LISTEN
The first results from the 2009 Wrecks Factor are in, Blake Draco and Ram The Dragon are joined once more by Spin but also from Wrecks Factor entrant Vger (sans his wrench) and next week’s judge Urtheart for analysis of the results as well as general wtf craziensss.

With Blake Draco, Ram The Dragon & TallGuy91
Run Time: 1:27:33 Broadcast: 21/08/2010 LISTEN
They live! After several months of being absent the Dragon’s Den crew return, Blake Draco has a new headset, Ram The Dragon has a chip on her shoulder about missing Summer Of Sonic and apparently the whole show keeps getting haunted by a ghostly presence.