Radio Redux

The original Sonic podcast, Radio Redux is the first sonic-central podcast in the world. fact, and its just like Sonic Wrecks, but a podcast by golly! Now live on SEGASonic Radio and Radio SEGA join the Sonic Wrecks team and the occasional sassy guest for some funky Sonic related news, humour, music and general daft discussion weekly via iTunes, direct download or RSS.

You have found your way to the Radio Redux archive; from here you have direct access to all the previous shows from the Radio Redux podcast – the first Sonic-centric podcast in the entire world! Along with that you can find detailed show notes for every podcast detailing the songs played, topics covered and other general points of interest.

Season 1 (2006) Season 2 (2007) Season 3 (2008)
Season 4 (2009) Season 5 (2010) Season 6 (2011)
Season 7 (2012)  Season 8 (2013-14)


The Radio Redux “B-Show”, Dragon’s Den features Sonic Wrecks’ other staff members – Blake Draco & fiesty Uruguayan Ram The Dragon, they along with regular guests bring you both SEGASonic and E-On based fun.
Season 1 (2010) Season 2 (2011)


All the below feature ArchangelUK in someway, and are perhaps some of the craziest shows featured full stop. These include the dreaded SSR Clusterf***s, interviews and more.
Season 1
Coming Soon
Season 1 (2011)