Radio Redux Season 7 Catchup: #712-#715

You may have missed it but I’ve finally begun to get to grips with the backlog of Radio Redux episodes for download to your MP3 device, iPod, etc via iTunes and “the like”.  There’s still a few shows to upload, three or four I believe; however I’m in actually in the process of trying to save show #717 which has had a very peculiar encoding issue happen to it.  Since I’ve never lost a show in six years of doing this I’ve no intention of starting now.  There are four shows added, from the last two months and they are:

#712 – The Ultimate Life Show

Turbo is busy doing prep for a Shadow The Hedgehog Hard Mode let’s play to cover The Sonic Show, in order to get you in the mood it’s a Radio Redux music show of tunes related to The Ultimate Life Form!

#713 – The Faster, Stronger, Higher Show

The Olympics are here! Of course it’d be far too easy to just fill up an hour with Mario & Sonic tunes, so instead its a HUGE three-part themed show with music themed around the Olympic motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger”.

#714 – The Go With The Flow Show

It’s time to go with the flow and just play whatever we fancy! There’s a whole heap of video game music from all over the place to enjoy in this episode plus some SEGASonic favourites.

 #715 – The Krispy Kreme Show

Oh dear, its all gone a bit pear-shaped with Radio SEGA, leaving AAUK to try and somehow cobble together a show whilst simultaneously trying to get on the air AND set up video streaming for all that follows!

Now available via RSSiTunesDirect Download and streaming on RRPlay.


Author: AAUK

LMC's boss-man extraordinaire and super-awesome Community Manager. Formerly SEGA and Square currently in exile in Belgium. Gamer, scholar, gentleman & fountain of useless trivia. Once co-created an international Sonic fan-convention and has worked on over 90 video games.

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