Wrecks Factor 2010 Entries Now Available To Download

By popular demand and because the team promised, you can now get hold of all the entries to the 2010 Wrecks Factor competition. The Wrecks Factor 2010 album contains 23 tracks including several bonus and alternate versions. Some are good, some are bad, a couple are surprisingly amazing. Those people who have entered WF10 will now have their entries evaluated by this year’s three judges – Vger, DiGi Valentine and T-Bird.

You can find the album listed in the Depository Music page’s “Sonic Wrecks Tiles” section, or you can head straight to it here.

Any favourites? Let us know in the comments!

The album track list is below:

01 – Sonicmark – Sonicmark, Shiro! (Original Version)

02 – The Wrench Quintet – He’s Got A Wrench (Bonus Track)

03 – Dartanian – Give Me Chaos

04 – Tall-Guy91 – Be Cool, Be Wild & Be Groovy

05 – Run Through the Speed Highway (Bonus Track)

06 – SMX – Sonic Underground

07 – Ryo-no-Kage – Speak With Your Heart

08 – Ein Eagle Vanato – He’s Gotta Pair You All (Bonus)

09 – Gerbelbay – After That Emerald

10 – Ram The Dragon – Dragon Fans (Bonus Track)

11 – Ram The Dragon – Endless Dreamabilities

12 – Starwolf23 – They Call Me S.O.N.I.C

13 – T.A Black – I Am (The E.G.G.M.A.N)

14 – Ein Eagle Vanato – Endless Possibilities [Piano Version]

15 – 9-Eye – Reach for the Shining Stars

16 – Darkgun – From Vger With Love

17 – Iris – Un-Derground

18 – CapnCloudchaser – Reach the Speed of Sound

19 – ProfessorZolo – The Running Joke

20 – DonatellusTheFox – Free

21 – SonicMark – Sonicmark, Shiro! (Final Version)

22 – Retrix – Nocturnal Hearts

23 – Bee I Lion – Hatred in the Skies (Charmy’s Christmas Gift)

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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  1. Avatar

    ‘After That Emerald’ is an exact copy of the speshul stage music on Sonic Heroes. It is a favorite of mine.

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    • ArchangelUK

      They didn’t enter.

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  2. Avatar

    I liked ‘The Running Joke’ best. My brother liked ‘I Am (The E.G.G.M.A.N.)’ best.

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  3. Avatar

    So, when were the entries broadcasted? Last Sunday? O:

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    • ArchangelUK

      Will likely be next Sunday when we first start broadcasting them.

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      • Avatar

        Oh, I see. I was worried ’cause I missed last Sunday’s show.
        Thanks! Looking forward to it.

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  4. Avatar

    Oh crud, I must’ve sent in the sped up version of my entry now I sound auto-tuned. 😛 That’ll teach me to give three files the same name. Derp.

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