Missing Media: NiGHTS 2, Sonic 06, Wrecks Factor Album

Speaking with some of our Sonic fan brood yesterday I was surprised when Dreadknux and Sonic Yoda said that the Wrecks Factor album wasn’t out yet. “EH?” I said, obviously confused but no links were appearing apparently. I was even more surprised when I investigated this morning to find yesterday’s updates weren’t there on the FTP.

It turns out for reasons I don’t know, while the DNS has changed the FTP hasn’t and I’ve been uploading to the now defunct server based SW. Bugger.

So, here’s what I’ve got for you today- all the stuff that should have appeared yesterday I’ve now re-uploaded. You’ve also got the PEGI (France/UK) packshot of NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams, Last Story video #8 “Embers Of Solaris” from Sonic 06 AND the Wrecks Factor album complete with all the links.

These should now ALL appear… Unfortuately the Wrecks Factor album cover doesn’t seem to be uploaded. I’ll have to sort that this evening. 😉

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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