YouTube Loves Us, So Radio Redux #207 Is Online… Again!

YouTube like us it seems, I’m not sure if that’s because we try to play by the rules or we have two videos of prodigious size, but whatever the case the Sonic Wrecks YouTube account has been one of those accounts upgraded to unlimited time status. How is this good? Well, for a start it means we’ll be able to upload videos of greater than 15 minutes meaning the two Radio Redux vidcasts can go on YouTube for easier viewing!

Radio Redux #207 – Grand Theft Vidcast

Originally Broadcast: 2nd June 2007

A blast from the past, slightly altered to meet YouTube’s guidelines (Discoponies and his love of The Buggles be damned). Using the powers of his magical beard AAUK has launched a devastating raid on Sonic vidcast ‘The Sonic Show’ captured its presenter and turned the whole thing into a one-off Sonic Show/Radio Redux hybrid! OH THE HORROR!!!!

Featuring: ArchangelUK
All three now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and on YouTube



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