Wrecks Factor 2009 Is Open – And The Page Is Up Too

The Wrecks Factor is the now annual end of season competition that pits Sonic Fan against Sonic Fan in a battle to see who can sing the best – its become quite the institution! As we approach Christmas its that time again to get your entries in to me… we’ve a guest judge waiting in the wings again as well!

2008’s gimmick might’ve been to encourage duets but in 2009 we’re encouraging people to act under the “Darkspeeds Rule” basically we’re suggesting perhaps you might want to try your hand at lyric creation! Pick a piece of Sonic music and write your own lyrics for it… or don’t! Its up to you – but we will be awarding bonuses for those that show creativity.

You can find full details AND a bootful of instrumentals (including many new ones!) on the Wrecks Factor page which has returned.

ENTRIES TO radioredux[at]sonicwrecks[dot]com

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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