“Where Is Season 4?” & Another Show Is Re-added

To answer this question I refer you solely to the Demx (Sonic Style) and Dreadknux (The Slingerland Sonic Stadium) whose marks for the Wrecks Factor I’m still waiting for. Both Ram The Dragon and Lee Brotherton…the..er…not-a-Dragon have submitted both marks and MP3s to me and until messers Charles and Svend give me their marks I won’t be doing the first show of the year. Its very simple. So go get on their case!

#315 (Previously LiVE #109) The Apple Computers Sleep Deprevation Show – which is the one where I’m very tired and the TSS chatroom fails big time in helping out with stuff to talk about to the point where I just say “screw it” and end the show. Has been added to the RSS, iTunes and the like.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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