Weekly News Round Up: Week Ending 29/01/12

Sonic Wrecks Updates:

This week saw the bolstering of SW’s already strong depository with some unique and unseen pieces this week.

The first of which was the Tails and multiple game logo update. Which including some character art from Colours, as well as Mario and Sonic London 2012 for Tails, and logos for the likes of Sonic 3, Adventure, Adventure 2: Battle and Secret Rings. Check the post out here.

Secondly, in a Wrecks exclusive, AAUK unveiled an original storyboard from Night of the Werehog.

Thirdly, AAUK, with the help of Gyrox, gave us a Saturday update filled with Wisps, Doom, and Generations. Renders, character art galore AND a video. Check it out here.

Myself and AAUK were invited back onto RadioSEGA to co-host Saturday Night SEGA with the one and only Gavvie. Hilarity ensued, and you can relieve that insanity by following the link.

The Depository got a musical update in the form of the Sonic Pocket Adventure‘s OST. Check out AAUK’s post on the subject here.

You can also check out SW Demotivational #25.

Last, but certainly not least, AAUK gave us a PSA of sorts regarding Radio Redux’s future on the radio airwaves. You should check out that post, you Redux fans.

Crush 40 News:

Early this week, Jun and Johnny, via the Crush 40 twitter and Facebook account give us a slight look into some upcoming NEW material.


Sonic Generations Reviews:
Some reviews for Generations have hit the web in the last week.

Blistered Thumbs have given good marks for the game.

Yahtzee reminds us that his hate for Sonic games is nigh on unilateral.

TotalBiscuit gives us an honest opinion on the Generations DLC available on Steam.

Fan and Community Watch:
We returned, into what is fast becoming a weekly feature with our One Hour Sonic watch. Which includes at some of the groups entries, a catch up on Darkspeeds personal videos on his own One Hour Sonic entries, and news on the first 1HS competition.

We covered two Fanart Focus pieces this week.

The first was on the many hedgehog works of DeviantArt user ladygt93.

The second was on a stunning piece covering all sorts of references from Sonic’s past from DeviantArt user LuckyFriend21.

General SEGA and Sonic News:
This week saw the release of of Sonic 4: Episode 1 hit the Android systems, but there may be a small catch involved.

SEGA reveal the next in their line up of Sonic 4: Episode 2 concept art.

GAME give us a promotion that allows customers to get Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, slightly cheaper then you’d expect.

We also see the next in the line of Binary Domain trailers, be warned though, this one is slightly graphic.

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