The Guest Control Shows Are Finally Here

After what seems like forever the first of the Radio Redux Guest Control shows has been added to the Radio Redux stream, a long standing favourite of the SEGASonic Radio archive, the third group show termed the “Clusterf***” by myself was broadcast on June 23rd 2008 – Sonic’s 17th birthday.  It’s sort of a crossover of sorts between Urtheart’s Boombox show and Radio Redux as we essentially lead the way but its a great laugh. Radio Redux - Guest ControlRather outrageous in places though – deffinately a Parental Advisory show.

Guest Control #1 – SEGASonic Radio – Clusterf*** III: The Search For Spock
Featuring: ArchangelUK, Urtheart, Vger, T-Bird & More…
Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

The third SEGASonic Radio mass conversation mash-up for Sonic’s Birthday. Join AAUK and Urtheart as they host the chaos – you’ll never think of Marine in the same way again.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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