Sonic Wrecks: Six Years & Still Rocking, Radio Redux 512 & 109 Online

Happy 4th of July, apparently some kind of country was founded today but that of course pales in comparison to the wonderful thing that happened six years ago today – the first Sonic Wrecks comic went online. We’ve been here six years, we’ve outlasted many from the third generation sites. In fact we’re the ONLY 3rd generation site still updating, we’re your number three Sonic website globally which isn’t bad for a site that half the fanbase still somehow doesn’t know about, and half the time we’re the UK #1 nowadays – yup, you might think TSS has that honour but you’d be wrong!  We’re constantly working to improve, we’re your Summer of Sonic co-organisers, we’re your radio innovators, media distributors  and unrivaled entertainers…. and we’re not going anywhere soon. We’re Sonic Wrecks and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Radio Redux #512 – The 104th Show
Featuring: ArchangelUK, Echo Hawk & Bentley Jones
Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

AAUK is back and it turns out #508 was the 100th Radio Redux show – whoops! As they missed it its time to celebrate properly with a cracking show, featuring a new advertisement and the grand finale of Wrecks Factor with guest judge Bentley Jones.

Radio Redux #109 – 120 Minutes Of Not Referencing Kingdom Of Loathing
Featuring: ArchangelUK
Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

ArchangelUK presents a news heavy broadcast, including exploding laptops, purple hedgehogs, extreme sea monkeys and more. While Q&AAUK throws up a double Magnificent 7 and deliberation over lingerie, nipples and which character out of Blaze, Big & Amy deserves shooting the most.

Additionally – Show 110 should now be working, RRPlay has had a proper graphical update – which will now stick, there are three panels left on the big comic and the next episode of Radio Redux can be heard live on Radio SEGA and SEGASonic Radio from 7:00pm tonight.

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