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431 – The Pre-Wedding Nerves Show
Featuring: ArchangelUK & Echo Hawk

It’s the final show before the big day, if not the biggest day of ArchangelUK and Echo Hawk’s lives. They’re geting married! But before Echo becomes Mrs. AAUK there’s some cool music and chat to get through first.

Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

205 – Room 101: T-Bird (Pt 2) – Birdiana Tuff & The Ring of Death
Featuring: ArchangelUK & T-Bird

The second half of T-Bird’s Room 101 overruns majorly to a three hour show as Lord Enerjak sends in an angry letter about Sonic music, AAUK gets miffed about 2D Vs 3D and T-Bird mourns the loss of something he considers family… As well as the Magnificent 7, 6 Degrees of Seperation, discussions on Scientology and the pure horror of Tails’ Sky Patrol.

Now available on RSS, iTunes and Direct Download

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