Skipping Ahead Just A Tad, Radio Redux #619 Online

The observant of you will be aware we’re missing a couple of shows before 619, but this is both a good show and somewhat time sensitive as its discussing recent releases so I’m putting it out now for you to enjoy. There is but a couple of weeks left before the end of Season 6 and 2011’s shows but this is one of the best and deals with a number of topics and games, mainly as I’m taking Radio Redux more general gaming so we’ve got more to talk about. It also deals with certain personal matters you may be aware of.

This show is from the last week of November.

Radio Redux #619 – The Second Life Show

Booyaka, booyaka – episode 619. Booyaka, booyaka – that’s my podcast! Its been on the cards for a while but Hawk has flown the nest leaving the boys alone; how is AAUK coping after this? The pair also discusses their thoughts on Sonic Generations, Saints Row and Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Debates the issues of any Mario & Sonic 2014 and what’s happening for London Gaming Con 2011.

Featuring: ArchangelUK & Blake Draco
Now available via RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

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    Like the Rey Mysterio intro there AAUK! XD It’s was awesome being in the chatroom during that episode too!

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