Radio Redux Season 7 – First Shows Now Available!

It had a bit of a shaky start what with the hard drive failure and “emergency get things off the PC pronto!”, but after Sunday’s show its safe to say your Sunday night delight is back where on it’s throne where it belongs.

Not wanting to beat about the bush, the first two shows (or one and a half shows) are now up for download with the most recent being RR#702 where as many of you requested I address the SEGA downsizing, death of the European Community Team and the ways this could impact future Summer of Sonic events.

Radio Redux #702 – The Painfully Hard Reset Show

Featuring: ArchangelUK

Back after computer failure is Radio Redux just in time to cover the bad news about the SEGA job losses. AAUK takes time out to address this especially and why its bad news for you in the short and long term including how it could hit Summer of Sonic.

Now available via RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.


Radio Redux #701 – The Guy, Interrupted

Featuring: ArchangelUK

Series 7 of Radio Redux starts with a bang… of hardware failing.  Oh dear.

Now available via RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

Kevin Eva

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