Rounding Off The Fifth Season, Radio Redux #537 Is Online

AAUK never got a chance to put the last radio show of Season 5 live, though it was sitting with 536 on the server. With this the last audio episode of Radio Redux series 5 is out ‘n loose. It’s also got that “colorised” version of the Right Said Fred song, which officially made me laugh until I hurt a great deal. Much to my Dad’s confusion…


Radio Redux #537 – The Famous Five Finale Show

It’s the end of the road for season five, but first some things need to be sorted. Like what’s going on over Christmas and the AAUK unleashes the power of the promised full length “colourised” song – what could it be?

Featuring: ArchangelUK, Blake Draco & Echo Hawk
Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

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