From Hot Hot Heat To Drowning Theme, Radio Redux 707-708 Online

I’ve been so all consumed by videos recently that I failed to notice that I’d actually still not put the most recent Radio Redux shows up, so you can consider that sorted as of this morning. Two very contrasting shows here, at least in terms of the seasonal weather.  707 deals with Overclocked Remix and their Sonic Remix competition, the second is Sunday’s show which slid towards a bit of a rant about the worth of the Danica Patrick licencing agreement in All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Radio Redux will be back live again this Sunday for show nine of series seven – part of your Sunday Night Sonic live line-up with The Sonic Show and the Sonic Paradox News Show.

Radio Redux #707 – The Mixed & Mashed Show
Featuring: ArchangelUK

It’s damn hot outside – summer is here! AAUK though has thoughs of Overclocked Remix and their Sonic remix competition currently in progress. Check it out!

Now available via RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

Radio Redux #708 – The Summer Moved On Show

Featuring: ArchangelUK

What was a sweat box in the last show has now been replaced by rain, cold and flooding in Wales. That and AAUK is bamboozled by the logic behind licencing Danica Patrick for All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Now available via RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

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    I caught up on the last show I missed yesterday. I can’t believe you played Black Rock Shooter!

    Never again shall I accidentally miss RadioRedux. xD

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