Like A Podcast Made Of Ice Cream, Radio Redux 704-6 Online

That pesky life has a way of getting in the way when you want to be doing awesome things, one of those things has been updating Radio Redux as I’m sure you’re aware. Well I’ve taken this morning to do exactly that, sitting down and formatting the three podcasts we’ve not yet put up here on Sonic Wrecks, shows 704, 705 and 706.
As such these are now available to download and you’ll find the usual summary below.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to update the next section of links in the RSS feed, if you remember a few weeks ago iTunes suddenly stopped accepting links in the format we had them, i.e. including spaces meaning all near 150 shows needed their links altered to add in %20 to indicate a space. I’m pleased to say that now all shows from Season 5 have been altered and are online again from iTunes (once it updates) as well as all the Dragon’s Den shows and a few more early Season 1 shows. Finally I’ve fixed the tags and album art of the pre-existing season seven shows as there was some discrepancies.

Radio Redux will be back live this Sunday for the seventh show of series seven as part of your Sunday Night Sonic live line-up!

Radio Redux #704 – The Opposites Attract Show

Featuring: ArchangelUK

AAUK returns with SEGASonic music and the news of the week, but perhaps the most entertaining thing for him is an unexpected and likely unintentional gift from SEGA.

Now available via RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

Radio Redux #705 – The Greater Greater Greater Greater Greater London Show

Featuring: ArchangelUK

Summer of Sonic is heading to Brighton? Well that’s a pretty random one… AAUK finishes facepalming long enough to announce he’s tired of hearing about SOS and is just not even gonna talk about it. It’s an all music episode of Radio Redux coming right at your face.

Now available via RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

Radio Redux #706 – The Steam A Little Stream Of Me Show

Featuring: ArchangelUK

After some technical jiggery pokery over at Radio SEGA, Radio Redux now seems to be broadcasting just about EVERYWHERE.

Now available via RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

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