Radio Redux Season 5 & E-On News

Hello chaps, some talk about the upcoming start of Radio Redux which will be occurring very soon indeed. In fact next Sunday. Owing to the fact that FastFeet’s show begins at 8pm on RadioSEGA, Radio Redux will be a strict(ish) one hour in length. It also means if The Sonic Hour overruns on SSR I’m gonna start on RS WITHOUT SSR and then get them in later.

Now as you’re probably guessing there’s no way on earth I’ll be able to do the entire Wrecks Factor results in an hour. So we’re gonna split them up, besides I’ve not been able to get all the marks in yet anyway. So the All-Comers results will be revealed first and depending upon timings we might even split THIS in two.

On the first episode of the series we will also be revealing the winners of the three recent competitions for:

– All-Stars Racing Goodies
– Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll
– Sonic Classic Collection Tin

There’ll also be the chance to take part in more competitions soon, we’ve got the prizes I’ve just not had the time to organise them!

Radio Redux series one will start going back up soon as well, this is a bit over due but all the shows got remastered at a much higher quality than they were previously when I was having to worry about x MB a month separate hostings. More Guest Control shows will be going up soon as will be a new Dragon’s Dens (curse or no curse) now that Blake Draco – who is in line for another promotion btw – has both his connection back and finished his awesome work rejigging the Entherial Online sections with aid from Ram.

Speaking of Entheiral Online we’re seeing more people join, good to see. You’re all most welcome, naturally were going to have more people in the way of staff on E-On. Obviously you have myself, Echo Hawk though she’s not as active obviously and then your main two Ram The Dragon and Blake Draco *fangirl scream*. There’s gonna be a bit of a rejig in terms of positions because with Emerald Coast being added to the mix over at E-On it would make sense that both Vger and Urtheart become moderators there – and they now are.

I really wanna do some more items with RRPlay… make more stuff available somehow. Who knows maybe I can persuade EC Airwaves and Urtheart’s Boombox to join RRPlay now that Sugogo-Blop is being added too.

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