Radio Redux – Complete Series 7 Now Online

Following an absence of several months the full range of Radio Redux 2012 shows are now up on Sonic Wrecks with them appearing on iTunes very soon I am hoping.

The missing episodes, comprising seven shows from August-December were delayed after issues with the formatting of the earlier shows following Radio SEGA’s change over and some weather related internet issues.

You can of course find the full listings on the Radio Redux – Season 7 page.

The added shows are:

A short mostly music show owing to all manner of technical issues.

#717: JUST THE PAX MA’AM SHOW – September 9th
The show dealing with the aftermath of PAX – lots of cool music.

#718: THE UNGODLY FUSS SHOW – September 16th
Dealing with Bayonetta 2 and a lot of high quality discussion about the needs of the industry. (If this was Sonic Retro I’d be saying it was “real talk” at this point.)

1 hour 40 mins of music and discussions about Eurogamer, my thoughts about the show and games to look out for.

#720: THE JESTER MINUTE SHOW – October 7th
NiGHTS HD has launched. Let’s celebrate!

#721: THE HAUNTED LOOK SHOW – October 28th
Your annual Halloween special now with all manner music from the gaming spectrum.

#722: THE TWIST & SPROUT SHOW – December 23rd
We’ve reached the end of the seventh series, many changes are planned in 2013. Most notably… a new country?

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