Radio Redux #301: “Wrecks Factor” Released Wednesday!

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for…well…it’s what I’ve been waiting for.

The results of this year’s Wrecks factor will be announced in the first episode of the brand new season of Radio Redux. Will Ram the Dragon’s entry have smashed the opposition to pieces? Will a Sonic Underground tune be crowned champion in the All-Comers competition thanks to Sonic Yoda?

Will Dreadknux be performing the DK rap again?

Myself, my producer and my backing singers will all be at the Awards ceremony, most likely getting very drunk, heckling Roareye Black and the Royal Shatner’s table, and being unceremoniously asked to leave after making lewd comments about Rouge.

All the results will be revealed in Radio Redux #301, coming to your ear holes this Wednesday! Sit tight until then!

Sonic Wrecks

Author: Sonic Wrecks

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