Partying Like It’s 2006, RR#106 Online & Season 1 Now On RRPlay

Good news if you like using RRPlay, the streaming audio player on Sonic Wrecks because as part of a special weekend update all remaining Radio Redux Season 1 shows 101 to 106 have been added to the service. All of them are remastered from the original super-high quality versions saved onto DVD so are in much better quality than previously heard. 106, the first half of the 2006 Summer of Sonic 15 year retrospective has gone up to actually download. The remaining Season 1 shows will join 106 on iTunes soon.

Radio Redux #106 – 15 Years Of Sonic (Pt 1) – Sending Out An SoS (1991-1999)
Featuring: ArchangelUK
Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

It’s 15 years since Sonic The Hedgehog burst onto the scene and as part of the ‘Summer Of Sonic’ – a special collaboration between SEGA Europe and Sonic fans across the internet, ArchangelUK hosts a special trip across 15 years of Sonic music. Starting in 1991 and working his way across time, with all the Sonic games he can up to 2006. Only problem is the Chaotix don’t appear to have, er, ‘got the message’…

Additionally, a major CSS bug in the SW setup I’ve been chasing for most of this year has finally been vanquished and the Wrecks Factor page has been converted to WordPress with the added 2009 results on the Wall of Fame/Shame.

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