Not Delayed Until Q1 2013, Radio Redux #709 Is Online

Good news as you may have gathered I have my internet back again this week which leads me to believe that I will get to do a show this week.  Yes, Radio Redux will be back live again this Sunday for show ten of series seven – part of your Sonic Sunday Live line-up with The Sonic Show and the Sonic Paradox News Show.Of course as that will be show 710 I guess I’ll have to call it The 7-10 Split Show.

For now settle back with this show from two weeks ago, where inspite of SEGA’s daft decision to delay ANARCHY REIGNS. You know, the FULLY COMPLETE GAME until the first quarter of the next financial year (April at best) I brought music from the series to Radio SEGA for the first time as well as other music from Platinum Games SEGA works. Including a surprisingly awesome Infinite Space track at the end you just HAVE to listen to.

Radio Redux #709 – The Platinum Show

Featuring: ArchangelUK

AAUK takes the theme of Platinum Games for the show this week, bringing ANARCHY REIGNS music to the air for the first time as well as celebrating other Platinum works. Everything from Bayonetta and VANQUISH to Infinite Space.

Now available via RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

Kevin Eva

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