Its Your Sunday Double Redux Dosage

Remember as part of the SSR 24 hour livecast event we’ll be going for two hours tonight but not only that (and since there are special awards being given out anyway) I’ll be bringing the Sonic Wrecks Awards back! Since its Sunday however, its time for updates – and guess what? Redux New and Retro time!

432 – The Just Married Show
Featuring: ArchangelUK & Echo Hawk

They met as adversaries… A monster made them married… A secret agent: immaculate, intelligent, a rookie… They call him only AAUK… His identity – a mystery. Or perhaps not, let hope playboy cop Echo Hawk doesn’t rip his balls off.

Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

204 – Room 101: T-Bird (Pt 1) – Mach Speed Iguanas
Featuring: ArchangelUK & T-Bird

T-Bird’s Room 101 causes all sorts of havok, AAUK does the very first “Six Degrees of Sonic Seperation” as well as discussions on Thundercats, the fountain of youth and discussions on Sonic music.

Now available on RSS, iTunes and Direct Download

ALSO – Here’s the updated list of Wrecks Factor confirmed entries:

SMX – Knight Of The Wind [Received]
Pigeons Of Death (representing – Robotnik’s Tea Party (Acoustic Mix) [Received]
Bee I Lion – With Me (Team Chaotix Goes To The Movies) [Received]
Roareye Black – “Motobug” (Cover of “JCB” by Nizlopi)
Spinballwizard – It Doesn’t Matter (SA1) [Received]

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