Pigeons Of Death Release New EP, Talk Killing Zombies

The Pigeons of Death, purveyors of gaming related acoustic-punk rock – one of whom happens to be Lewis Clark a.k.a Sonic Yoda, head of SEGA Driven and Sonic’s “personal assistant” as we term it for Summer of Sonic, have a appeared on Sonic Wrecks before. Indeed we have their first EP Buns & Gayses in the Depository we love it so much.

Well the trio who also appeared on our Wrecks Factor contest for Radio Redux are back with a new EP called Harlem Exploder – although we know it was going to be called “Right In The Plums” at one point which I sincerely hope they bring back as a title at some point.

You can check out all seven tracks on their Soundcloud account, hosted here.  But we’ve embeded the whole playlist below, including my favourite track by far Necrogunwhore, a song about dealing with zombies.

Please Note: Songs do contain explicit lyrics.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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