Guest Control: A Sonic Generations Special (Part 1)

With Sonic Generations only a month away until being released and many fans waiting to get there Super Sonic hands on it, Tall-Guy91 & Spin (two of the three hosts from the Summer of Sonic Podcast Special), return to make a three part podcast series to celebrate Generations and to also celebrate Sonic for still being so way past cool 20 years on.

Guest Control #8 – Special: The Sonic Generations Show (Classic Era)
Featuring: Tall-Guy91, Spin, TitansCreed & Fastfeet
Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

On the Classic Era Show we have returning SOS Podcast Special guest and staff member of Emerald Coast and Sonic Wrecks TitansCreed (aka Project-Phoenix), and Fastfeet the owner of SEGAMedia come onto the show with Tall-Guy & Spin to talk about everything to do with Sonic and those Classic Zones, we also talk about how we think of the music being all updated and sounding awesome, what other zones from the first three games would we like to have been re-made if we had the choice, and after having them on the SOS Podcast Special we have a Generations Classic Quiz where Tall-Guy almost has a massive breakdown after trying to get through it.

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