Dealing With Foul Mouthed Llamas, Guest Control 7 Is Online

The third episode of EC Airwaves was an interesting affair as it mixed in with T-Time and Radio Redux and, wait for this, was a serious discussion show about our favourite video games.  If you’re a long-term gamer you’ll love this particular show as we delve into the background history and talk fondly about the titles that shaped both our childhood and adulthood.

Guest Control #7 – EC Airwaves: Best Games With AAUK & T-Bird
Featuring: Vger, Urtheart, ArchangelUK & T-Bird
Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

Episode three of EC Airwaves series three brings serious discussion as Vger, Urtheart along with guests T-Bird and ArchangelUK discuss their favourite games. Where will they agree? Where will they disagree? Where will llamas feature and AAUK shocks everyone with his Game Of The Decade.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

Gamer, scholar, gentleman & fountain of useless trivia, LMC's boss-man extraordinaire is also a super-awesome Community Manager who has worked on projects for SEGA, Square Enix, Konami, Capcom and more. Once co-created and hosted an international fan-convention because he can do that sort of thing.

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    Wow. Something serious about Sonic games? And it’s not a rant, a forum, OR a boycott?

    Cool. 🙂

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