Guest Control: A Sonic Generations Special (Part 2)

After the crazy and almost metal breaking events that unfolded on the Classic Era Show, Tall-Guy soldiers on with The Generations Series and begins the Dreamcast Era Show without the help of Spin as he had been bombarded with a lot of work but, as what they say in show business “The Show Must Go On”.

On the Dreamcast Era Show we have two returning Summer of Sonic Podcast Special Guests Vger (owner of Emerald Coast) & Retrix, we also have coming onto the show Tracker TD, SonicMark & SuperSonicSJM to talk about anything and everything about Sonic and his Dreamcast years. We talk about how we feel that two of the best Sonic games and there representing levels are entering into the awesome world of Generations, we also discuss about the one and only Sonic Heroes (even though that wasn’t on the Dreamcast but hey oh) and find out what we think about it’s level without all the AWESOME SUPER POWER OF TEAMWORK Stuff.

And we end the show with another quiz which the topic is all about of course, Sonic and the Dreamcast Era – oh and we travel forwards and backwards in time as well. *Insert Tardis sfx here*

Guest Control #8 – Special: The Sonic Generations Show (Dreamcast Era)
Featuring: Tall-Guy91, Tracker TD, Vger, Retrix, SonicMark & SuperSonicSJM
Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

With Sonic Generations only a month away until being released and many fans waiting to get their Super Sonic hands on it, Tall-Guy91 and Spin (two of the three hosts from the Summer of Sonic Podcast Special), return to make a 3-part podcast series.

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