Good Depository News, Bad Radio Redux News

I’ve got good news and bad news, and I’ll be giving this first: unfortunately the new SW headquarters doesn’t have a phone line presently which means muggins here has to get one installed… this means we won’t be with a phone for a while and secondly we won’t have the INTERNETZ for a while either.
Whilst I’m sure I’ll be able to keep some measure of updates ticking over with a few minutes here and there at work, this does put rather a large scale hole in the side of our Radio Redux plans – and doesn’t particularly help me with Summer of Sonic either frankly. Radio Redux is the main concern though so this week’s show is likely to be the last for a few weeks. We’re going to endeavour to go OLD SCHOOL on your ASCIIs and do a recorded Radio Redux for the missing weeks – likely without the 18th of July as we’ll still be sorting stuff out.

Now the sugar for this pill, I’ve just brought the Sonic Channel stuff up to date, so three colouring papers (Sonic, Tails and Shadow) and two wallpapers – Jet and Amy (June and July respectively) have gone up. Enjoy.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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