Generating Dodgier Ships Than The Titanic, Radio Redux 524 Is Online

Been a little while since the last Radio Redux went up, we’re still a few shows behind at this time. The show notes page for 523 now at least exists, whilst it still doesn’t have any actual notes on it (*pokes Ram*). For the time being here’s one of our more recent and perhaps funnier shows. If there’s one thing we’ve discovered recently its that I can do both the Joker and the Child Catcher far to well for comfort.

Radio Redux #524 – The Deus Ex Machina Show
Featuring: ArchangelUK, Blake Draco & Echo Hawk
Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

The Wrecks trio are back to discuss BBQ’s, the PC situation and people being stupid over Chronicles 2, potential nominatons for the SW Council of Evil, AAUK recounts an encounter with He-Man and the random shipper topic generates the prospect of Ram X Echo. Uh oh.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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