Say What? Dragon’s Den 202 Is Up

I know what you’re thinking, a new Dragon’s Den? And it’s not New Years? And it’s vaguely on schedule? PANIC

No, no, no panic yet…YET, but a new DD is up, in which Blakey and I manage to sum up the entirety of a month’s worth of ocurrences in 9 minutes and spend 50 answering ridiculous questions (love you guys!)

Dragon’s Den #202 – The Absolute Random Show
Featuring: Blake Draco & Ram The Dragon
Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and soon to be streaming on RRPlay.

Say what? Another DD already? In a vague attempt to stick to schedule and to recap the events of the last month (as well as answer a bajillion of questions) Blake and Ram come up with a new meme, push each other around and basically entertain the entirety of their 10 person audience, who are all the same person.

Go get your monthly, yearly, biannual dose of random and promptly give us hate feedback HERE

Enjoy, and we’re not responsible for any paradoxes or minds being blown! It’s in the fine print.


Author: Suf

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  1. Tall-Guy91

    ………O_o……My head has just exploded.
    This is a good surprise, now can’t wait to get back home tomorrow first thing to do:

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  2. Avatar

    “Sticking to schedule”?

    This show has a schedule? Who knew?

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    • T.A Black

      Not me, that’s for sure…I thought it appeared with the rarity of a Shiny Vulpix…

      Still, great show, guys. Looking forward to seeing more in the coming months!

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