Double Update: 414 & 212 Returns!

414 – The Angel Delight Show
Featuring: ArchangelUK & Echo Hawk

Back to the usual with AAUK and Echo are back from AAUK’s family home after discussing various future items. This week on the show ArchangelUK makes Angel Delight and Echo has insisted AAUK’s Ocarina be brought back… so its not long before a tune is piped.

Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

212 – Bird Con 2000 (Vidcast)
Featuring: ArchangelUK, T-Bird, Dreadknux, Roareye Black & A Lot More

A sort of follow-up to WrecksFest, this T-Bird organised get together resulted in a 90 minute, 180Mb vidcast feast as Radio Redux and a bunch of other Sonic websites and institutions rip up London!

Now available on RSS, iTunes and Direct Download.

Kevin Eva

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