“Come In Sonic Adventure, Your Time Is Up” & Contest Winners


Ze contest iz ovehhh! I’ve picked the winner and three runners up:

The winner of a Sonic Advent Calander + a special BONUS xmas goodie bag of Sonic treats from me is Pamela Kerr who actually wrote a little poem about festive stress. Congrats! Not on the stress obviously…

3 Runners-up who gain a Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity T-shirt:

Chaotix – Who I need an address from.
OVERLORD DARKSPINE – Who wrote a small essay and I need an address from you as well.
Shadow Urtheart – Who wrote about how S-ranking is like an addiction.

Congratumalations to the winners, bad luck to the other entrants.

Right the topic for Sunday’s live Radio Redux from the USA is going to be “Sonic Adventure”, basically the romaticism about it is misplaced so I’m going to explain why in no uncertain terms by tearing a strip off of it. Yup not even Tikal is saving it from a walloping. (“Wait not even Tikal?!!? OH NOEZ!”) Controversial stuff!? Perhaps, but my patience is wearing a bit atm with this double fan-standard bollocks. You might’ve gathered that? Lol.

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