Boombox Takes Over RRplayer With A Compo!

For your enjoyment guys, the Urtheart’s Boombox Summer Special, featuring 2 pirates, randomness and prizes which you can still win, is now up on theRRPlayer – the streaming Sonic Wrecks music service (see the nav), thanks to AAUK who had to do some heavy editing cause for some reason my mic seemed to kill itself while recording.

If you can’t be arsed to listen to the show here is the details copied from Emerald Coast to give you guys a fair shot at the competition, here is Nemain (my co-host for last weeks show) with the details!

Just a quick reminder of the competition we’re running…

For those of you who have forgotten, went selectively deaf for the banter segments or just couldn’t be arsed to tune in, Urth and I want you guys to tell us where we should go on our summer holidays this year (not necessarily together, being that we’re from rival pirate clans…). We gave away spot prizes during the show and we have the PC games, the large Knuckles plush and the “Bewby Prize”* left for the big giveaway. What we’d like you to suggest for us could include (but doesn’t have to be all of) the following:

– Where we’re going
– How we’re getting there
– What drinks we could have
– What we’re doing there
– As an added note, because I happen to be a geologist… Bonus points for the most amusing suggestion on how to avoid the lolcano ass cloud Eyjafjallajökull.

* DISCLAIMER: “Bewby Prize” may or may not contain real bewbs.

Suggestions can be serious or funny, and entries are open to everyone (so if you won on the night, do feel free to enter again for a shot at the bigger prizes). The prizes will go to what Urth and I consider the entry that has had the most effort put into it, or the entry that is simply the most hilarious. As for the “Bewby Prize”? Well, you’ll have to wait and see on that one… The deadline for entering is the 20th June 23:59 (BST), winners will be picked and notified whenever Urth can be arsed as soon as possible after this.

Send your entries to Urth wherever – Comment on this post, PM on SSMB or Sonic Wrecks, on MSN, by carrier pigeon, find where he lives and shout at him… It’s all good. Look forward to seeing what you’ve got for us!

In fact you can even put your entries in the comment section here and I’ll pick em up. There are 4 prizes left which means up to 4 winners left, so don’t dally, get your entries in today!


Author: Urtheart

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    Hi i would say you should both go to Alton towers Sonic Room for a week (yeah i know obvious choice). You could both drive there on a SEGA and Sonic themed car and once you get there take turns on winning more Sonic plushes to give away to your fans ;). You could ride the sonic roller coaster all day long too. Then in the evening wine and dine in the sonic room and have some of my newly named “Emerald City” Cocktails which come in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic flavours. This would also make a great destination because at the moment weather is quite good and also you would avoid the Eyjafjallajokull.

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