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First up, I’m not on Radio Redux this week – I’ve been doing so many shows recently I’m kinda burnt out. Plus I’m doing SOS stuff at the moment, so I need a hedgehog break! Echo’s gonna do a show solo apparently…

For your listening pleasure here’s a Sonic Hour cover show – is there any other kind of Sonic Hour show nowadays? From May this year which took place immediately before Radio Redux #506. In it myself, Urtheart, Vger and Turbo discuss the top 50 games franchises list as published by Guinness. Which is ridiculous for their definitions of franchises and some of the ones they amazingly miss out. Really fun, myself and the boys tear the list a new asshole and several other orifaces.

Guest Control #3 – SEGASonic Radio – The Franchise Player Show
Featuring: ArchangelUK, Urtheart, Vger, & Turbo
Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

In yet another Sonic Hour cover show, the Guinness Book Of Gaming Records have produced the top 50 list of video game franchsies. AAUK and the SSR DJ crew go through the, frankly ludicrous list.

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