Before We Get To RR Season 6, One You Missed From Season 5

Everyone gets bored every so often as was the case one January evening when ArchangelUK and Blake Draco took over SEGASonic Radio late at night for one reason – because they could apparently. This is being classed as 538 which was going to be the vidcast, that’s got bumped to later in season six according to AAUK as he’s still waiting for Nemain to draw things apparently.


Radio Redux #538 – The Billy Ray Cyrus Drivetime Show

AAUK and Blake Draco are bored, so have taken over SEGASonic Radio without any warning – they’re throwing out the SEGA/Sonic playlist and the rulebook too and putting on whatever they damn well want – from easy listening and jazz to heavy metal. It’s all going down on this episode first sneakily broadcast on January 5th 2011. Look out for the special jazzy version of the Radio Redux theme!

Featuring: ArchangelUK, Blake Draco & Echo Hawk
Now available on RSS, iTunes, Direct Download and streaming on RRPlay.

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    Ah, I remember this show well.

    Because I was listening to it while bleeding profusely after getting my wisdom teeth out that day.

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