“Mishmash of Champions”: Clash Of Champions 2017 Review (LMKO #004)

The Smackdown PPV where all the titles are on the line! Kevin, Pete and Turbo are pretty sure that doesn’t make it that special. Turbo gets featured by DDPYoga and for some reason is dressed as AJ Styles. Kevin has what is set to be a very unpopular opinion about one wrestler. While Pete makes the mistake of messing with the Editor.

Meanwhile Rusev is having “the time of his life without his wife”.

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Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

Gamer, scholar, gentleman & fountain of useless trivia, LMC's boss-man extraordinaire is also a super-awesome Community Manager who has worked on projects for SEGA, Square Enix, Konami, Capcom and more. Once co-created and hosted an international fan-convention because he can do that sort of thing.

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