Zero Punctuation Reviews Sonic Generations, Obvious Occurs

Yahtzee doesn’t like Sonic games, we’ve known this for a while. So it shouldn’t surprise you his reaction towards Sonic Generations is somewhat negative. I actually disagree with a lot of his points and he even goes so far as to say that if you like certain elements then your opinion is wrong. Which is is the sort of playground reaction rubbish you get from hardcore idiots on forums and not what you’d not expect from a video game journalist really – not even Yahtzee.

So here are two options for you.

Option 1 is the video below:



Alternatively here’s a picture of a kitten:


Kevin Eva

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    Well, technically he said that specifically about liking Sonic 2006, not about liking certain elements. At least we know that he thought Sonic Colours was alright. (I think he said that, anyway)

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    I go in watching the review expecting the worse, and Yahtzee still managed to surprise me. Not because I didn’t expect him to hate the game, but because most the jokes felt… uninspired.

    I like the kitten.

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    I’ll take the picture of a kitten thank you very much!
    Seriously, this review was not even funny and that’s one of ZP’s goals – to find game’s flaws and make fun of them. Here… don’t tell me that “Sonic is a retard BLAGH BLAGH!!!” is funny. THis review was really uninspired and just used all of that Sonic fanboy mumbo-jumbo that’s not funny since 2008.

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