PICO-CHUUUUUU! OCR Turn Their Talents To The SEGA Pico Again

You may recall the story of myself and Overclocked Remix coming to, errr…. some form of decision regarding the creation of a SEGA Pico remix.

Okay so I jokingly grilled them over the lack of remixes featured from SEGA’s little remembered and in no way cared about electronic educational toy. A gauntlet they picked up with gusto which led to the creation of “Picolescence”, the Tails & The Music Maker remix by Zircon. This would be the same Zircon who just worked on the soundtrack to Soul Calibur V. We actually awarded Picolescence the Sonic Wrecks Award for best remix too not that long ago. It was astonishingly good.

Well that wasn’t the only Pico mix to be started at the time and another one by SW favourite WillRock has materialised. Not for the Tails game or even a SEGA game but for Pokémon Advanced Generation: I’ve Begun Hiragana and Katakana! – the first licensed Nintendo’s game to appear on a SEGA console.

Using two tracks ‘Drawing’ and ‘Title’ WillRock has crafted the below: “I Choose You, Picochu!”

WillRock added his commentary on the development of the remix on OCR’s :

“I know what you guys are all thinking. What the hell is a Picochu? It might be a breeding cross between a pineco and a pikachu. It might be an enemy in Final Fantasy. Or more likely, it might just be an effort to put “pico” in the title of this remix in the cheesiest way possible.

What is a Pico you ask? Well you probably already figured out (thanks to zircon already having a posted remix from the console) that it is an educational console/toy that teaches you stuff – in Pokemon’s case, the Japanese alphabet. Why am I remixing a random tune from a Japanese game I’ve never heard of before you ask? Because Sega challenged OCR to do a Pico remix, and I couldn’t resist. Not having played this game myself (the Japanese alphabet really isn’t of much interest to me) I hadn’t heard the music to this game before, so all I had to go on was a play-through video where not only are Japanese audio clips crapping all over the source, but the source even cuts off halfway through. So as you can imagine, remixing this has been tricky 😛 So… this is another Pico remix to sink your teeth into. Enjoy!”

You can download it and find out more information about the track here on the ocremix.org.

Kevin Eva

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