XBox.Com Will Be Your Valentine After Sonic 4 Ep 2 Screens Reveal

UPDATE: The screens were pulled by Microsoft however the damage is already done. Additionally TSSZ are reporting that game had been given a release date by Microsoft of May 16th, with screens to prove it.  This may or not be final but still, a very bad day AGAIN for SEGA.


You all no doubt have seen them now but it turns out that have pulled of a Valentines Day surprise and updated their Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II product page with a lot more than just a couple of details. Oh no they’ve released the first images of the game thorugh ten screenshots that pretty much tell the story of the entire product you’ll receive as far as the levels/scenarios go.

Just how much of this surprise was intended is open to interpretation; but I would imagine SEGA are pretty steamed with someone at the moment as the first screens from the game have clearly gone up with little fanfare from them.

Especially since they (the screens) show off not just the previously deduced Aquatic Ruin-esque level they also show of a Sonic The Hedgehog 2 half-pipe special stage, and stages using the desert, carnival and ice gimmick types. Not only that one shows a chase sequence involving Metal Sonic riding a Tails rocket similar to the one from Sonic The Fighters and another (below) shows the Tornado coming in for what looks like a bumpy landing judging by Sonic’s expression!


Co-operative play is confirmed as is Tails solo involvement. Whilst the game being four zones long like its predecessor is similarly also confirmed. The statement on the page currently reads as follows:

“Following the events of Episode I, Metal Sonic has returned to form a formidable alliance with Dr. Eggman! To face this new threat, Sonic will have to call upon an old friend to help him save the day! Joined by Tails, utilise ingenious combination moves and race across four brand new Zones, in order to put an end to their evil plans! Play alone, or with a friend locally (and online), in an evolution of Sonic 2′s collaborative gameplay! Unleash Sonic and Tails’ devastating joint attacks and combination moves to fight the united force of Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman. Episode II features an all new game engine,bringing you updated physics and an original graphical style as you race through four unique Zones and a new Special Stage.”

You can find all ten screenshots, which admittedly look rather tasty at our new Sonic 4 Ep 2 screenshot page here:

However… some of the screenshots are again a little questionable – and have already inspired one Sonic Wrecks Demotivational.

We’ll keep you up to date with items as they occur.

[Source: via TSS]


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