Wreck-It Ralph First Trailer Shows Dr. Eggman & More!

If you haven’t heard by now, Dr.Eggman will be joining a huge entourage of video game cameos in Disney’s new CG film Wreck-It Ralph this November.

In the last few hours though Disney have finally released there first ever trailer of what I have to say will definitely be a “must watch” film!

See how many characters you can find in the 3 minute long video.

Wreck-It Ralph follows the story of a video game “bad guy” of the same name who after 30 years of the same thing gets tired and decides he wants to become a “good guy”, hopping between video games in his journey to change! Due in cinemas this November!

I’ve just been informed by Mike Pollock that he will not be reprising his roll as Dr. Eggman in the film after all and that he wasn’t approached to do so either.

[Source – MSN Entertainment and Mike Pollock.]


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