Wreck-it Ralph: Advanced Screenings Bring First Impressions!

Wreck-it Ralph is being hailed as the must see a movie of the year for any video game fan, especially Sonic fans, and with good reason! It’s not everyday the world famous and worlds favorite super sonic speeding blue hedgehog get’s his own appearance in a film, a Disney film at that, and in just a few week Sonic and a large cast of other video game characters will be in theaters all across the US alongside the title character, Wreck-It Ralph, himself. If you in the UK like me, then you’ll have to wait till February. Sucks I know!

In the meantime however, news continues to trickle through as to various plot points and Sonic cameos, and once more a little bit more now.

Earlier this week, some lucky individuals were invited to an advanced screening of the film. While bound by the usual ‘Nondisclosure Agreement’, one source who got to see the film was willing to reveal this much without actually breaking his agreement.

I can say that it was very much worth it. Fantastic experience from start to finish. As a co-worker of mine says “Some might mistake the many references to junk food and video games for pandering, but they were very well-placed, clever, and helped move the plot. I was definitely worried it’d go all ‘Shrek’ with that stuff, but it was incredibly tasteful.”

I couldn’t agree more, and if you are like me who grew up with video games, whether it be Nintendo, Sega, the old greats or the new slick stuff, you owe it to yourself to watch this movie (in theaters and in 3D for the best experience. The sound and the stereo work they did flowed very well for this one and waiting to watch it at home or on your comp/phone just won’t do it justice!). 

Sources went on to say that while other studios have always out-shined Disney’s attempts at CGI in the past, Wreck-It Ralph is an exception. A wonderfully crafted piece of CGI artwork that well and truly puts it up there with the likes of Pixar.

Although not a lot could be said about the film, sources were able to elaborate some more on Sonic and others appearances in the film.

I can’t reveal any specifics. I can say that Sonic and Eggman appear a pleasing amount of times throughout the film, and at one point Sonic indirectly reveals an important plot point in a manner most American Sonic fans would be familiar with. The rest unfortunately you will have to wait and see for yourself. For one, definitely stay for the credits. 

So with not long to go, Wreck-It Ralph is shaping up to be a fantastic video game valentine that we all hoped it would be, and Sonic get’s to ‘hog’ some of the spotlight! Stay tuned as always and sound off in the comments below!


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