Wentos’ Suitcase: Sonic Rivals Baseball Hat

Chao-a! Chao-a!

Hello and welcome-a to Wentos’ Suitcase, a new feature where Wentos talks to you about whats going on in his-a suitcase. Unfortunately Wentos can’t type, owing to the fact he has neither hand free. He’s tried to type with his nose but his hat brim keeps hitting the keyboard, and he’d use some sort of talk and type soft-a-wear but he’s still very nervous about speaking in public. Chao-a Mia!

Sonic Riders Baseball Hat

Anyway we were heading through the lovely Soleanna and we stumbled across this rare Sonic Rivals baseball cap. Its rare as it was only created for retail stores as staff advertisement. You-a may recall there’s a t-shirt as well?

You’ve probably not seen it before, so as Sonic left us his and Chip’s camera we took a photograph of it. When we find interesting things we’ll be revealing them on here for you.  Wentos will also be taking over the Merchandise List, because we are the traders after all… we know-a the stock value!

Chao-a for now-a!

Ed-a-it: Wentos distracted me and I accidentally put Riders, this has now been corrected.

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    That looks pretty cool.
    P.S. You’ve put Riders instead of Rivals in the title and in the post. Thats the Rivals logo on the cap :p

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