Wentos’ Suitcase: All-Stars Racing Special #6

Chao-a! Its I, Chaoa back once again with my travellings companions Wentos, we are currently in Boston where we-a have been sampling the clam chou-a-der and sampling the great wonders of the city. Like the big white building and the Cheersey bar. We’ve even been on one of those ducky boat-car things and gone down the river and the roads, Wentos, he wasn’t-a much-a good on the river with the bobbings and wobblings and the side to side. Poor Wentos, he went as-a green as his hat. Then he-a threw up into his hat. Now the hat is not-a so green.

We-a thought we were done with the All-Stars Racings and the hedgehyhogy fellow, but no, Wentos and I completely forgot our order we put in with the shipping peoples for the other piece of All-Star Racing merchandise: The Ryo Hazuki figurine.

As you canna see we haves invested very heavilies. This is good for you as Wentos is feeling generous and one of these will be given aways from Sonic Wrecks as a little competition prizey.

The AAAAUKs will ‘ave more on this soon,

Chao-a for now-a!

– Chaoa –

Sonic Wrecks

Author: Sonic Wrecks

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    Just one or two of these I see!

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